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If you’re already enjoying the benefits of a Ducted Gas Heating system but need a cooling solution for your home or office as well, it doesn’t make sense to pay for a second system of ducts and vents to be fitted. For these situations, an Add-On Cooling System is the solution. A condenser unit is installed on the exterior of your home and connects to the pre-existing Ducted Gas Heating system via a series of pipes. A unit installed inside your house then distributes hot or cold air throughout your house as you need. You may need an extra controller inside your house to control the Add-On Cooling system.

Running Costs:

Operating in the same manner as a Reverse-Cycle air conditioning system, within the condenser runs a compressor which runs refrigerant gas through a series of tubes. A fan blows warm air over the tubes to cool it down, then pushes the chilled air through the ducts in your roof-space and through your ceiling vents. Given the compressor requires power to operate, the running cost of the airconditioning system most often ranges from $1.30 – $6.00* per hour. More advanced systems can utilise a system of “zones”, which allow you to selectively cool individual or multiple rooms at a time. This avoids the cost of cooling an entire house! Maintenance of the system is low, with most manufacturers only requiring 6 monthly filter and vent cleaning.

Unit Cost:

As the Add-On Cooling system piggy-backs your pre-existing Ducted Gas Heating system and avoids the need for additional ducting and vents to be installed, the cost to purchase the system is often less than that of a full Reverse-Cycle air conditioner. On the flip-side, as the system is designed to run through a large network of ducts, the size of the systems is not as varied and they are typically designed for medium to large houses and offices. A cheaper system may cost around $5,000 installed, and the larger more advanced systems can run up to $10,000 or more.

Installation Cost:

Given the more complex installation required for an Add-On Cooling system, the cost to install is variable. Factors that can influence costs include the brand and age of the existing heating system and ducts, the mounting location of the condenser unit and the size and height of building being fitted. The best way to get a good understanding of the costs involved with purchasing and installing an Add-On Cooling system is to contact us to arrange your free quote.

*cost may vary from household to household

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