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What is Add On Cooling?

Today, in the search for the ultimate heating and cooling experience, the technology used within add-on cooling systems is at the forefront. The combined system allows you to save the extra cost of installing a ducted cooling air conditioning solution in your home added onto your existing gas ducted heating unit using the exact same duct network spread throughout your house. This means that the same vents you receive warm air from can also have cool air flowing through them after an add-on cooling installation has been successfully performed.

The basic functionality of add-on cooling installation and its process consists of just attaching the condensing pipes to the coil of the existing gas ducted heating system. The same coil that used to transfer the heat will now give out dual benefits of being able to provide both cool and warm air. Because add-on cooling units are so easily installed it helps you save money on an efficient installation.

Why choose Add On Cooling?

Across the globe, we have seen reports of unpredictable climate events, and these abnormalities are expected to rise in the future. To battle this, we need a universal system that can work in any kind of weather. This add-on cooling for gas conducted heating is the best choice for all climatic events. During extreme heat, you can enjoy the cold air coming through the ducts, and when there is shivering cold outside, the same vents in your home will distribute soothing warm air throughout your home, keeping you comfortable all year long.  

Benefits of an add-on cooling system:

1. Using the same ducts saves time and money:

An add-on cooling system uses the same ducts as your existing gas ducted heating system, this saves you money and provides an extra sense of convenience. Allowing the cool air to come out of the vents you’re already used to having warm air flow out of. This also saves you a pretty penny on installation costs because installing a whole new ducted network can be a time consuming and costly process.

2. Heating & cooling anytime:

The beauty of an add on cooling system is that it can be installed anytime onto your current gas ducted heating system. By choosing add-on cooling installation in Australia you can rest easy knowing you will get the best of both worlds from the same system, perfect for both summer and winter months. With add-on cooling, complete control for both heating and cooling is at your fingertips, anytime!

3. Ease of use:

You may think that combining two separate systems may lead to a complex mixture of controlling features of both of them simultaneously. But this is far from reality, an add-on cooling system can be operated with one remote and does not involve learning a whole new set of functions. You should find that an add-on cooling system is simple and easy to operate.

4. Whole home solution:

In comparison to a standard air conditioning system (e.g. split system), add on cooling is a whole home cooling solution which provides the advantage of pushing out cool air through vents located in all rooms of your home. With add on cooling you’re reassured in knowing your entire home will be kept comfortable through the summer months.

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