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History of Bonaire

Bonaire, established in 1972, has emerged through the Australian market to become one of the nations foremost and dominant manufacturing companies for both domestic and commercial air conditioning solutions. This means that for Bonaire has been supplying Australians with quality, efficient heating and cooling systems for over 60 years! Bonaire’s manufacturing plant is located in South Australia, which as well as development, also incorporates continuous conducting of product and engineering research in order to develop nothing less of the very best when it comes to air conditioning solutions for the Australian public.

What is Gas Ducted Heating?

Among Bonaire’s varied product portfolio, to shield people from the chilling cold of Australia manufacture effective gas heating systems. The gas ducted heating systems involve distributing the hot air throughout the area, which is divided into zones and the warm air is supplied through ducts. This is a wholesome system most beneficial for large houses and big properties; the Bonaire ducted heating comes with an added benefit of combining it with the cooling system which saves the extra costs of buying an extra cooling unit,
The basic premise behind gas ducted heating system is that, the central unit sucks in air from the atmosphere and this air revolves within the unit undergoing gas combustion. After reaching the desired temperature it is supplied to various zones, in turn heating the whole area effectively.

Along with the central unit the placement of conduits is also important for every house, commercial, or industrial property. As per their convenience the customer’s can choose to install the ducts under the floor or within the ceilings. The temperature and the distribution of air through the vents are controllable with electronic panel. This panel can adjust the flow of warm or cold air and also set different temperatures for different zones.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is based on the process of evaporation and natural cooling where dry air outdoors is sucked through cooling pads which lower the temperature of the inputted air. The evaporative cooling system then distributes this cooled down air through a ducted network discretely installed in the roof of your home, and is finally released in each respective room that vents are located.

Because the tempered air from an evaporative cooling system is not recirculated, it is recommended to leave a door or window open in order for the air to escape. Doing this will ensure the air within your home is completely new and fresh air, with new air coming in each two minutes at least. As the fan in an evaporative cooler takes in the air from outside, it also filters any impurities that may be present, guaranteeing only fresh natural air to be distributed in your home.

Why choose Bonaire gas ducted heating?

A Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating system is safe and quiet, keeping your home peaceful. Gas ducted heating systems are also highly convenient due to the added feature of zone control, this gives users the ability to control the temperature in set zones, meaning you can heat each individual room to a different temperature that suit each person residing in those rooms. This means you’ll never be stuck with one temperature in your whole home with gas ducted heating, ensuring ultimate comfort during the cold winters.

Why choose Bonaire evaporative cooling?

A Bonaire evaporative cooler is one of the cheapest whole home cooling options available in today’s modern air conditioning industry, this could save your family hundreds of dollars per year in running costs! Don’t let the cheap running costs fool you, a Bonaire evaporative cooler is a good quality system, built for durability and effectiveness, you will feel the fresh cool breeze throughout your home even in the hottest summers with a Bonaire evaporative cooling system.

Benefits of a Bonaire gas ducted heating system:

1. Zone control:

An important benefit to know about Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating systems is the zone control feature. This allows you to control the heating in each specific zone in your home, ensuring energy isn’t wasted on unused areas, along with complete comfort in knowing each zone can be adjusted to each individuals preference.

2. Cheap to run:

A Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating system is one of the most economical whole home heating systems to run. This will save your family hundreds compared to other heating options as the running costs are considerably lower than any other option available in the current air conditioning industry.

3. Quiet operation:

A Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating system is so quiet that you will barely even realise it’s operating. Continue to enjoy the blissful peaceful nature of your home while an effective heating system is running with a Bonaire Gas Ducted Heater.

4. Whole home heating:

Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating systems can heat up your whole home thanks to the ducted network in your ceiling. An even blanket of warm air will reach every corner in your home, keeping you in complete comfort through winter.

Benefits of a Bonaire evaporative cooling system:

1. Cheap to run:

A key benefit of Bonaire Evaporative Cooling systems is the low running costs involved when using this whole home cooling system. This could save your family hundreds of dollars each year in running costs compared with other cooling options.

2. Natural, fresh air:

Bonaire Evaporative Cooling units continuously draw in air from outside your home, you will experience a fresh cool breeze of air in your home at least every two minutes with Bonaire evaporative cooling. Providing a natural cooling experience.

3. Environmentally friendly:

When using a Bonaire Evaporative Cooling system, it is important to be aware that evaporative cooling units product 85% less CO2 emissions when compared to a ducted reverse cycle system. This means that the air in your home will be more natural, and the systems environmental footprint is lower than other systems.

4. Whole home cooling:

An important feature about the Bonaire Evaporative Cooling systems is that, through the ducted network discretely located in your ceiling, will be able to push cool fresh air in each and every room in your home where ducts are located. No matter you are in your home, you’ll feel the power of a Bonaire Evaporative Cooler.

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