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History of Braemar

Braemar presented its first gas-fired hot water services in 1948, establishing the link to different gas items created in the 1960’s, and additionally extending their creation from high temperature water products to creating gas and electric space radiators, and evaporative forced air systems.

By 1971 Braemar had created a scope of items that included their very own Braemar evaporative cooling systems, and later on went to develop the range of Braemar gas ducted heating systems.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is a ducted cooling framework that is installed on your rooftop with pipes interfacing with rooms that your ducted outlets are linked to, so air can be distributed evenly throughout your home. Evaporative cooling is the most widely used type of whole home cooling in Melbourne. Due to the low running costs, it is the cheapest type of ducted cooling to run, and you can leave your windows and doors open. Evaporative cooling works like a sea breeze as it keeps you refreshed and cool on a hot day, absorbing heat and evaporating water in your homes air much like a sea side, thus evaporative cooling systems utilise the power of evaporation to your home.  

What is Gas Ducted Heating?

Gas ducted heating serves its purpose of distributing warmth throughout your home. The gas ducted heating system contains a focal warming unit, or, in other words, a number of outlets spread evenly throughout your home to tackle every room. The system and ventilation work is conveniently concealed within your ceiling.

Why choose a Braemar evaporative cooler or gas ducted heating system?

The costs vary according to the quality of many different products but all Braemar Evaporative Cooling systems and Braemar Gas Ducted heating Systems are both easy to install, saving you money on installation, and with each systems extremely low running costs, they are known as some of the cheapest heating and cooling systems to run Australia wide. The evaporative cooling system is installed on the roof of your home while the gas ducted heating system is installed internally in your ceiling.

Benefits of a Braemar evaporative cooling system:

1. Fast and easy installation:

Braemar evaporative cooling systems allow for an easy and efficient installation in comparison to other whole home cooling systems, can be set up and ready to go in one day.

2. Natural clean, fresh air:

Evaporative cooling systems restrains your house from dryness, by widening the water vapors in your homes air that moisturize the dry humidity, only providing natural fresh air. 

3. Environmental friendly:

Evaporative cooling does not produce as much greenhouse gasses as other cooling systems because it uses less energy for the same effect.

4. Cheapest cooling running costs:

Evaporative Cooling Systems have the cheapest running costs in comparison to other whole home cooling systems.

Benefits of a Braemar gas ducted heating system:

1. Reliable and high quality system:

Braemar Gas Ducted Heating systems comprise of reliable and quality parts working together to keep you warm and expel any cold temperature from your home.

2. Leading performing brand:

The leading performance of Braemar specifically the known quality performance of their gas ducted heating systems make it a top-rated brand in Australia.

3. Quiet operation:

The performance of a gas ducted heating system will not disturb you as the running sound is barely noticeable, due to the unit being installed within your ceiling and isolated from the rest of your home.

4. Whole home heating solution:

Braemar gas ducted heating systems provide a whole home heating solution, you’ll be able to feel the warmth in just a couple minutes from turning on the Braemar gas ducted heating system.

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