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History of Breezair

The name Breezair is synonymous with the all-plastic, corrosion-free rooftop evaporative air conditioning. The first all-polymer, corrosion free rooftop evaporative cooler was invented by Seeley in 1983. The first sales of this evaporative cooler were made when it was called the Convair portable all-plastic evaporative cooler. General Electric saw the benefits of this newer model and bought the rights to sell their product under the name Breezair.

In 1984, General Electric exited the rooftop cooling business, letting Seeley International take over the Breezair brand name. The Breezair Evaporative cooler is found all around the world cooling everything ranging from houses to houseboats, greenhouses to factories.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is a process which uses evaporation of water to lower temperatures with the help of moistened clothes or moistened pads. In this process, air from outside a building is pulled inside via a moistened clothing or pad with the help of a fan. This allows the water to evaporate thus bringing a cooling effect inside the building.

There are many brands of evaporative coolers in the market with varying prices and quality. One of them is Breezair evaporative cooling system. However, Breezair evaporative cooling price is low; the quality of this evaporative cooler is exceptional.

Breezair evaporative coolers are of exceptional quality with most of them being corrosion free and are supported by the company’s spare parts and service networks. The early models of Breezair evaporative coolers developed a reputation for quality and performance which set the standard for evaporative cooling market very high. Today a Breezair evaporative cooler is still the most advanced evaporative cooler globally. Besides being powerful, it is quiet and very economical to run.

Why choose Breezair evaporative cooling?

This is a time when many Australian are facing high energy costs. There remains plenty of debate as far as evaporative cooling vs. refrigerated air condition running costs is concerned. The reality is that evaporative cooling has low running costs compared to air conditioning. Modern and innovative evaporative coolers like Breezair evaporative cooler save up to 90% on energy bills when compared to the air conditioners. Another comparison of the evaporative cooler and other systems is that they generate fresh air which is 100% fresh outside air. Air conditioners only recirculate same air now and then. As the fan of the evaporative cooler draws outside air via the moistened pads, not only is the air chilled but it is also filtered thus removing any impurities and pollens.

Benefits of a Breezair evaporative cooling system:

1. Whole home cooling solution:

A Breezair Evaporative cooler is powerful enough to cool down your whole home, perfect for the hot summer months. Because Breezair evaporative coolers moisturise the air when operating, this will also prevent any residents living in the home dry eyes or itchy throat which can be caused from air drying out through other air conditioning systems.

2. Healthier option:

we all need healthy air to breathe in, and with ever-increasing pollution levels the inside, as well as outside atmosphere quality, is deteriorating continuously. The Coolair evaporative cooling system is the best solution in this scenario; it sucks the harmful hot air and purifies it before sending it through the conduits. Meaning that you will breathe in the fresh air inside your house along with enjoying its chilling sensation.

3. Cheapest cooling running costs:

Considering the high energy costs in Australia, this is the best evaporative cooler to lower running costs. You can save up to $250 per year when using Breezair evaporative cooling compared to air conditioning. The modern and innovative Breezair evaporative cooling system will save up to 90% of your energy bills compared to other air conditioning systems.

4. Low maintenance:

Just like the other evaporative coolers out there, Breezair Evaporative Cooling systems require regular maintenance to ensure they’re working in the right conditions. Unlike other more demanding systems, a Breezair Evaporative cooling system only requires a once per year maintenance plan, saving you money on maintenance costs.

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