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History of Brivis

Brivis is an Australian air conditioning market pioneer, they have been designing and manufacturing air conditioning solutions in Australia for 50 years. Brivis has created a solid name for itself through creating each and every one of their air conditioning systems to withstand the extreme weather conditions that can be found in Australia’s unique climate. Being an award winning Australian air conditioning pioneer with the largest installed base of gas ducted heaters Australia wide, Brivis is constantly conducting more product research and development to create more value in the market and provide the Australian public more cost effective options to heat or cool your household.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Within Brivis’s cooling systems, the most revered solution of this company is Brivis evaporative cooling, this cooling system supplies some of the lowest costs when naturally cooling your home. The air sucked in from the atmosphere is cooled down to the desired temperature with the help of moist pads present inside the system. This air is then supplied through the outlets in the house. This simple and yet effective system has a lot of benefits for the environment and for your house.

What is Gas Ducted Heating?

The heating solution developed Brivis includes their gas ducted heating systems, which involve a comprehensive whole home heating solution for your house. The ducted heating systems include a single central unit connected with a network of pipes spread throughout the house. The heated air is then supplied through these pipes to your whole home through vents, in turn, providing an even warm air distribution for everybody in your home.

Why choose a Brivis evaporative cooler or gas ducted heating system?

Evaporative cooling systems may not sound much effective, but in reality, they are the most authentic and safe system to help you enjoy the cool environment of your house. The evaporative cooling system unit is located on the roof of your house, and the ducts are connected with it. The cooled air is supplied throughout the house, in turn, decreasing the temperature so that the effect of hot summers is not felt inside the house. Similar to the evaporative cooler, a gas ducted heating system is also a whole home solution, but instead of it cooling down your home it heats your home up. The gas ducted heating and evaporative cooling options are the most cost effective way to either heat or cool down your home.

Benefits of a Brivis evaporative cooling system:

1. Fast and easy installation:

When talking about the installation of an evaporative cooling system, it is evident that the installation is easy and efficient installation in comparison to other whole home cooling systems. This is proven from noticing that the evaporative cooling system can be set up and ready to start cooling your household in just one day.

2. Cheapest whole home cooling:

The costs involved in running this system are much less than other systems. It has been proved that the Brivis evaporative cooling entails almost 8 times lower cost of operation than other systems and it consists of half the installation cost involved when comparing with the installation of the refrigerated systems.

3. Environmental friendly:

Considering that evaporative cooling is a totally natural process, this method of cooling the air is totally safe for the environment. There are no harmful gas emissions, and the cooling process is extremely effective, surprisingly even more effective during the dry hot summer weather.

4. Fresh air:

A key benefit of the Brivis evaporative cooling system is that it draws in fresh air from the outside atmosphere, then cools it down with natural water within the air before supplying it throughout the house. The moist pads act as a natural cooling agent, fans then push this air through vents in every room of your home.

Benefits of a Brivis gas ducted heating system:

1. Lower costs higher performance:

Traditional heating systems sometimes do not give the desired results and usually bring higher costs than the benefits they provide. Brivis gas ducted heating prices are much lower than most of the other substitutes, this protects your pocket from unnecessary running costs and extra maintenance expenses.

2. Fast heating:

Within minutes of turning on the central unit you can get comfortable in the warmth of your house provided by a Brivis gas ducted heating system. The heating capability of this system allows hundreds of Australians to keep warm throughout all winter year on year.

3. Zone control:

Every Brivis gas heating unit comes with an attached control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature settings of every zone. This functionality lets you set different and warmer temperature for the each individual room within your home, saving you money not heating unused areas.

4. Whole home heating solution:

Brivis gas ducted heating systems are a whole home heating solution. This means that when using a Brivis gas ducted heating system you will be heating up each targeted area with an even blanket of warm air to keep you warm during those freezing cold days and nights.

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