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History of Carrier

Carrier was formed 50 years ago in the year 1968 and today it is one of the largest manufacturers of the robot and electrical appliances in the entire world. Carrier has made its name in the market as the designer and developer of the best and efficient HVAC appliances which have broken all the barriers of performance. The name Carrier was attached to the company after they merged with the American air conditioning group Carrier Corporation. Since then both have pooled their resources and harnessed each of their market reputations to become one of the most sought-after electronic appliances company globally. Carrier air conditioning systems range from refrigeration units to the split systems. Their most important aspect of having such a wide range of portfolio is to provide people with authentic options to choose from.

What is Ducted Refrigeration?

Ducted air conditioning or refrigeration refers to the concept in which one single unit is installed within your ceiling and attached to a network of conduits. These conduits are spread throughout the house segmenting it into different zones, hot or cold air is supplied into these zones which originate from the main unit located outside the house. Some people may be confused from hearing two different names but Carrier ducted refrigeration and Carrier ducted air conditioning are two terms referring to the exact same system.

The most important aspect of this system is that one unit is sufficient for your whole home. A Carrier ducted air conditioning unit can also supply both warm and cool air, making it the perfect system to keep you comfortable for the whole year. Whatever be the temperature outside may be, you do not need to worry, just tune in the desired temperature and forget about the weather conditions.

Why choose Carrier ducted refrigeration?

Carrier ducted air conditioning systems are one of the most effective ways to heat or cool your whole, all year long! Whilst performing at a excellent level, the inverter technology involved in this system ensures that it does not operate too heavily, saving you on running costs and pinpoints areas within your home which need to be targeted. Another reason to choose this system is because Carrier have created a discrete heating and cooling system, choosing Carrier ducted refrigerated will ensure your home stays comfortable without the eye-sore of an indoor unit, allowing you to style your home without working around any indoor clutter.

Benefits of a Carrier ducted air conditioning system:

1. One unit for all purposes:

A ducted air conditioning system consists of one unit which is located outdoors, and an indoor unit located in your roof. The ventilation of all the zones is achieved via the ducts, as all the ducts are connected with the central unit. The warm inside air is sucked in by the vents, tempered and then recycled back into your home.

2. Environmentally friendly:

Because the Carrier ducted air conditioning system runs on electricity, it does not emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere. This system has dual benefits, one is that it protects the environment and other is that the rotators and the condensers that work with a lower intensity, saving you money on running costs.

3. Inverter Technology:

All modern Carrier ducted refrigeration units are developed with inverter technology. What this means is that with this technology the compressor and the other components are monitored and adjusted to work optimally. It leads to a higher spec of performance with lower operational expenses.

4. Fast and effective:

Another essential benefit of the Carrier ducted air conditioning is after turning on the system; you can quickly enjoy the cool or warm air flowing through your home. The robust working mechanism of this system modifies the whole climate quickly, you’ll be able to feel the temperature in just a few minutes.

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