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History of Coolair

The year 1963 is identified with the establishment of Coolair, a company which has been providing efficient evaporative cooling systems to the people of Australia since inception. Their authentic manufacturing process and swift servicing allowed the company to pace ahead of the competition and establish their name in the global air conditioning market in the year 1993. The company jumped within a group of owners until the year 1997, when Frank Seeley took over the reins and developed the state of the art plastic bodied corrosion free evaporative cooling systems. Evaporative cooling systems have been used extensively in modern times, and gets an extra push due to the majority of people in the world aiming to adopt more environmentally friendly ways to perform everyday operations.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

The Coolair evaporative cooling system is a very simple yet effective method to cool down the house during scorching heat. In this a big central unit is installed on the roof of the house, it is imperative that the unit goes on the roof. The whole area of your house is divided into different zones, and these zones are connected with conduits made of steel. These ducts open with vents into the respective zones and the other end of the ducts are connected with the unit placed in the roof. The unit then sucks in hot air from all sides, inside the unit there are moist pads which cool down the warm to the desired temperature, after attaining the set temperature it is pushed into the ducts through the rotating fan, and the cold air reaches every single zone ultimately cooling down the temperature of the whole area.

This system is not only eco-friendly but also the costs and servicing involved with it are almost negligible. Coolair has been developing the evaporative cooling systems since day one, and in all this time nobody can match their prowess in designing and installing these systems in your home..

Why choose Coolair evaporative cooling?

A Coolair evaporative cooler is built durable, and made to last, providing your home with years of relief from Australia’s extreme summers. The primary reason why evaporative cooling is the Melbourne public’s number 1 choice for cooling their homes is due to their extremely low running costs. Feel comfortable in the hot weather without breaking the bank with a Coolair evaporative cooling system in your home today.

Benefits of a Coolair ducted air conditioning system:

1. Fresh air:

We all need healthy air to breathe in, and with ever-increasing pollution levels the inside, as well as outside atmosphere quality, is deteriorating continuously. The Coolair evaporative cooling system is the best solution in this scenario; it sucks exterior air and purifies it before sending it through the conduits into your home. Meaning that you will always breathe in the fresh air inside your house when using an evaporative cooler, and enjoy its chilling sensation at the same time.

2. Low cost, high performance:

The natural cooling process does not require higher power usage, this leads to extremely low operational costs of these systems when comparing to other air conditioning systems. The installation of this system does not involve engineering the core functions of your previous heating or cooling units. The installation costs less than other heating or cooling systems in your house, proving evaporative cooling to be the best whole home cooling when talking about value for money.

3. Allergy-free:

With a Coolair evaporative cooling unit, the warm inside air is sucked in from outside, cooled down and distributed through the vents in your home. Evaporative cooling units constantly purify fresh natural air in order to make it pollen free and devoid of any harmful bacteria before distributing it through the vents.

4. Low maintenance:

Unlike other systems which may require regular maintenance services, Coolair evaporative cooling systems, do not call for regular servicing as the pads are self-cleaning. This property of the system saves your money on servicing costs and time which otherwise would be required to maintain as often as other systems.

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