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History of Daikin

Daikin is a trusted HVAC brand that develops top-notch appliances and products. Daikin’s history goes back 90 years when it was established in Japan, since then it has become one of the most revered brands in the market that entails quality and authentic products and they are supplied all over the world. In the year 1951 they ventured into the manufacturing of refrigerated cooling system, and with time became one of the largest producers of these air conditioning systems in the world.

Daikin has been innovating constantly in all these years and they have brought some of the most important and technologically sound heating and cooling units into the market. Their global approach has allowed Daikin to make itself a homegrown brand and one of the most trusted HVAC manufacturing companies worldwide.

What is Ducted Refrigeration?

With a Daikin ducted air conditioning system, one condenser unit will be installed outside your house. It is named a condenser because it condenses the air, condensation is the process of cooling down the temperature of water vapours or even liquid or air so much so that it solidifies into ice. This process leads to pouring rain from the clouds, in the condenser units, this air does not solidify rather it is cooled down to the set temperature. This air is then supplied throughout the house through the ducts, which culminate into every room or zone.

Some people can get confused and not understand the difference between ducted refrigerated and ducted air conditioning systems. But the reality is that there is no difference between, the technology is the same. It is just that they have been given two separate names.

Why choose Daikin ducted refrigeration?

The most important thing about a Daikin ducted refrigeration unit is its durability, the Daikin products are revered for their quality and efficient working. It has been proven that ducted refrigeration systems are also more effective than other heating and cooling options, heating up or cooling down your home within minutes.

Benefits of a Daikin ducted air conditioning system:

1. Serene indoor atmosphere:

We all desire some serenity inside our homes at times, using ducted air conditioners has also become essential to living a comfortable life. The refrigerated systems are designed specifically to be installed discretely within your home so that you can enjoy the calm environment indoors and enjoy the air in each zone within your house where you set the system to target.

2. Works in winter too:

It is imperative to stay warm in the chilly winter, with a Daikin ducted air conditioning system you do not need to install an extra unit in order to warm up your home during winter. The central unit is configured to supply equally warm air during the winter season, and cool air during summer, which in turn saves your money not having to purchase an additional unit.

3. Inverter Technology:

Ducted refrigeration systems are inducted with inverter technology. This conserves the energy consumption of the entire ducted refrigerated unit and also helps to control the rotator speed among other benefits. When combined, the inverter technology helps bring down the overall energy consumption costs of the system.

4. Reverse Cycle:

With other air conditioning systems the warm inside air is sucked and thrown out, this leads to over usage of the rotator and condenser leading to increased energy costs. With reverse cycle technology, the system brings down the running cost as the same air sucked in is recycled and redistributed in your home.

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