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What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted Air Conditioning is a system where a unit installed in the roof of your Melbourne home is joined to a network of ducts placed throughout the ceiling or underneath the ground of your home. The ducts create a passageway for both warm and cold air to flow around the area leading to evenly distributed and smooth temperature throughout your whole home. 

A ducted air conditioning system is evidently more effective than all other air conditioning systems and gives more overall control of the system to the user. A ducted air conditioning system, with its ability to provide both warm and cool air, is the best option to maintain the comfort of your Melbourne home throughout the whole year, no matter if its hot or cold outdoors.

Why choose a ducted air conditioning cooling system?

When putting a ducted air conditioning system next to other air conditioning systems, the ducted air conditioning option is clearly a lot more efficient, durable, optimal, and is more powerful than all other options. For example, with a split system, you’re required to install multiple indoor units for any room you want it to target, this leads to more maintenance and costs in general and still won’t be as effective if there are more people in the targeted areas or if positioned in a spot that is large for the indoor unit to handle. A ducted air conditioning system is the more practical option compared to evaporative cooling systems, as evaporative cooling does not provide the dual heating and cooling function from the same singular unit. Ducted air conditioning is the number one option to ensure your Melbourne home stays comfortable throughout all seasons.

Benefits of a ducted air conditioning system:

1. One system for all purposes:

Because a Ducted Air Conditioning system is able to provide both heating and cooling for your Melbourne home, you can turn the temperature down in summer and increase it in winter. Ducted air conditioning will keep your Melbourne home comfortable all year long, even with sudden climate changes outside, due to the powerful capabilities of ducted air conditioning.

2. Effective for all areas:

Are you trying to heat or cool down a big hall, or just your room? With ducted air conditioning, when properly fitted, is effective for all sized areas, no matter how big or small. The only requirement is to provide accurate information about the size of your Melbourne residence to receive the perfect system. Ducted air conditioning systems provide even output of both warm and cool air in any area.

3. Less maintenance required:

Ducted air conditioning requires only one unit to maintain your Melbourne home’s climate, a ducted air conditioning system doesn’t need as much servicing in comparison to other dual air conditioning options because to the entire systems work capacity, performance, and durability. This allows you to save money on maintenance costs and still feel comfortable about your system.

4. Quietness:

A ducted air conditioning does not create excess noise which would disrupt the peaceful environment within your Melbourne household. The main unit is positioned conveniently in the ceiling which separates it from your living areas, maintaining a calm residence even if you set the most extreme function for ducted air conditioning system to perform at.

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