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What is a Ducted Refrigerated system?

Ducted Refrigerated is the most powerful heating and cooling system available in Melbourne’s air conditioning industry. The main system is discretely installed inside your Melbourne home ceiling and connects to duct work which is webbed throughout the ceiling, joined to outlets located in each of the rooms in your home.

The function of a ducted refrigerated system is designed in a way for it to maintain an even flow of warm or cool air within your whole home, guaranteeing a comfortable climate in your Melbourne residence, regardless of the outdoor weather.

Why choose a ducted refrigerated system for your Melbourne home?

A ducted refrigeration system contrasts itself when next to any other air conditioning system due to its efficiency, durability, optimisation and great effective power. A ducted air conditioning system will get your Melbourne home feeling warm in winter within minutes, and cool in summer just as fast from the one unit. Ducted refrigeration is evidently the best option to keep your Melbourne home comfortable throughout all the four seasons.

Benefits of a ducted refrigerated system:

1. Energy efficient and durable:

Ducted refrigerated systems are designed to save you a lot of costs regarding maintenance, operations, and servicing. The ducted refrigerated units work optimally and reduce yearly electricity costs to a large extent when comparing to other whole home heating and cooling systems.

2. Zoning distribution:

The conduits attached to ducted refrigerated systems provide a flow of warmth or coldness to different zones in your house, distributed through vents located in each room. You can adjust depending on your preferences, if a room isn’t being used you can save money by removing that zone from being targeted.

3. Whole home solution:

Ducted refrigeration requires only one unit to maintain your Melbourne home’s climate, this means one unit services all the heating and cooling requirements of your whole home. Because of the way vents are installed in your home, a ducted refrigerated system is effective through your entire home and will also provide evenly distributed temperature.

4. Quiet and invisible:

Ducted refrigerated systems are conveniently tucked away within your ceiling, with only vents in each room visible. This allows you to style your home in any way without working around bulky indoor units. Ducted refrigerated systems are designed to refrain from creating running sounds that usually disrupt a quiet environment in your Melbourne houme. 

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