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What is a Ducted Reverse Cycle System?

Ducted refrigeration is a system in which with the help of a network of conduits and ducts which are installed in the roof of your home or office, cold or warm is circulated. The term ducted refrigeration and ducted air conditioning mean one and the same thing. For ducted refrigeration, you will need one unit which will distribute the air into the whole area, and the further components will convert the sucked in air to colder temperature or hotter temperature as per the requirements.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is a term that involves the integration of the reverse cycle mechanism into the ducted refrigeration system. Ultimately, both these terms have the same meaning and can be used interchangeably.  

Why choose a ducted reverse cycle system?

Reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling systems follow a simple principle of recycling air. In this, the warm or cold air that is present inside the room when sucked into the unit does not leave your home through the vents like other systems. Instead, the air is recycled inside the central unit and reversed into the room again with the required temperature. In summers it will recycle cold air, and in winters the hot air will be recirculated time and time again, ensuring your home stays comfortable all year long.  

Benefits of a ducted reverse cycle system:

1. Invisible to the eye:

With the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system, there is only one unit and that is placed in your roof. This reduces the amount of servicing work to a large extent and with the air flowing from ducts installed within your roof, you can decorate your home with the system completely unnoticeable.

2. Quietness:

With a ducted reverse cycle system there is no sound of operation when the air circulates inside your home. Because the system is placed inside your ceiling, the sound is isolated to the point where you can hardly hear it at all, furthermore the air is circulated throughout your home without emitting any further noise.

3. Ease of use:

The problem with having split systems installed in every room is that you have to control each unit separately. A ducted refrigeration system has one single unit compressor controller which can control the heating and cooling of your whole home. To add to this feature, each room can have a different controller where you can control the temperature and the intensity of air individually.

4. Whole home solution:

When comparing to other air conditioning systems (e.g. split system), ducted reverse cycle systems are a whole home cooling solution which provide the benefit of flowing both cool and warm air through vents situated in every room of your home. With a ducted reverse cycle system, you’re reassured in knowing your whole home will stay comfortable through both the summer and winter months.

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