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What is a Ducted Split System?

A ducted split system serves the dual purpose of heating and cooling your home, and does so very effectively. The main component of this system is the central unit; this central unit supplies both the hot and cold air throughout your home using the duct network located in your ceiling. A ducted split system can have different temperatures set for various zones in your home.

You may find surprising that ducted refrigeration systems and ducted split system are actually two different names for the exact same system.

Why choose a ducted split system?

Ducted split systems are the most effective dual heating and cooling systems available on the market. The system is designed to follow the basic principle of recycling air in your home. This means that any warm or cool air located within the room becomes sucked into your vents, but does not get expelled like other air conditioning systems. Instead, air is recycled within the main unit and reversed into your home once again, just this time it is adjusted to the selected temperature. On hot days the cooler air will be recycled, and on cool days the warm air will be recirculated over and over again. Because of this unique function, the temperature can reach your target quicker and stay at your set temperature without having to operate as hard after being used for a short period of time. Purchasing a ducted split system will make sure the inside of your house continues to feel pleasant throughout the whole year.  

Benefits of a ducted split system:

1. Invisible to the eye:

A ducted split air conditioning system is a single unit which is located in your ceiling. This lowers the required maintenance greatly, saving you money on servicing costs. By having the air travelling through ducts located in your roof, you can style your home with the ducted split system staying completely hidden.

2. Quietness:

When in operation, a ducted split system produces barely any sound with the air circulating effectively around your home. Due to the system being installed in your roof, noise is isolated so you can barely hear it running. With ducted split systems, air constantly circulates throughout your home without producing extra noise.

3. Ease of use:

A ducted split system comprises of a single unit compressor remote which can adjust the temperature levels of your entire home. In addition to this benefit, all rooms in your home can hold a separate controller allowing control over temperatures and flow of air individually in each room or zone to suit the individual.

4. Whole home solution:

When looking at ducted split systems in comparison to other air conditioning systems (e.g. split system), ducted split systems provide heating and cooling solutions for your entire home. A ducted split system will keep you reassured that your entire home continues to stay comfy no matter if it is summer or winter.

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