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Between the two most common types of air-conditioning, Evaporative and Reverse-Cycle, Evaporative Coolers are often the cheapest to run and cheapest to install, and a favourite in Summer for the drier areas of Australia. By pushing air through dampened pads, the system uses cool water to naturally push the hot air out of your house. This process reduces the ambient temperature by up to 8° while being whisper-quiet in operation. In addition to their energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly cooling method, Evaporative Coolers add moisture to the air in your home, helping avoid dry skin, and are most effective when used with open doors and windows; giving you a constant supply of clean, fresh and cool air.

Running Costs:

Evaporative Coolers typically only require a water supply and power for fans to drive the air. Compared to a refrigerated unit, an evaporative cooler has very little in the way of high-energy using parts; a typical evaporative cooler running on a hot day might cost you between $0.20 – $0.30* per hour or around $2.40 per day**, and ongoing maintenance is minimal. In comparison, refrigerated air-conditioning units run a compressor to cool the air and contain a sophisticated series of tubes and gaskets to hold in the refrigerant gas. This increases the per hour cost to anywhere between $1.30 – $6.00*.

Unit Cost:

As every household has different cooling needs it makes sense that there are a wide range of Evaporative models on the market. A smaller system, designed to cool units, townhouses and smaller stand-alone properties, can be as cheap as $2,700 to purchase and install. Even the largest and most advanced systems on the market, designed for high-usage households with many rooms to cool, only cost between $3,000 – $5,000. In comparison, for a small ducted reverse-cycle airconditioning unit the purchase cost is typically $2,500 or more, not including installation. –

Installation Cost:

Given the simple construction of the evaporative cooling system, installation is quick and easy. The main unit is mounted to a central location on your roof, and ducts are then run through the roof-space to the rooms you need cooled. Costs are based on the number of ducts required, the size of the house, complexity of the installation location or if your previous system needs removing first. Due to the variable nature of the installation, we recommend you contact us for a free quote.

*costs may vary based from household to household **cost may vary, daily cost based on an average running time of 12 hour

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