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What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative Cooling is an air conditioning system located on your rooftop that draws in air from outside, and cools it down through the evaporation of water vapour within the air. The evaporative cooling system then distributes it into your home through a series of ducts, to provide a whole home cooling solution.

Water can be used to absorb heat, this is what an Evaporative Cooling system bases its cooling process off. Because an Evaporative cooler absorbs the heat before it cools the air, an evaporative cooler uses much less electricity than other whole home cooling options. Surprisingly, the drier the air, the more effective the evaporative cooling operation will be due to the added benefit of moisturising the air, providing that extra level of comfort for everyone in your home.

Why choose Evaporative Cooling?

In Australia’s warm weather, the heat can get to extreme levels at times. Evaporative Cooling is a great whole home cooling solution, especially in the dry weather. Currently Melbourne’s most widely used whole home cooling solution, an Evaporative Cooling system is basically a ducted system that is designed to cool your entire home without breaking the bank. The beauty of a evaporative cooling system is the fact the cool air flows through the ducts into the rooms of your home, this maintains your homes aesthetics due to not having bulky air conditioning units located in each room.

Benefits of an Evaporative Cooling system:

1. Reduces dryness in your home:

Evaporative cooling systems reduce dryness in your home due to the evaporative cooler moisturizing the dry humidity within the air by expanding the water vapors in your homes air. This keeps the air fresh and helps prevent any side effects from dry air such as, dry throats and dry eyes. 

2. Clean and fresh air:

Evaporative coolers provide some of the cleanest fresh air for your home, this creates a more pleasant breathing environment for asthma sufferers and a creates an overall general cleaner climate within your home.

3. Cheapest whole home cooling solution:

When you combine the easy installation with the ultra low running costs, an evaporative cooling system is by far the best overall value system money can buy. Boasting the lowest whole home cooling running costs when compared to any other whole home air conditioning systems.

4. Environmentally friendly:

Evaporative air conditioners use much less energy than other systems meaning, less fossil fuels like coal and gas are used. Evaporative cooling systems never disperse harmful synthetic refrigerants, unlike other systems which may release potent greenhouse gases while operating, harming the ozone layer.

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