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History of Fujitsu

Fujitsu is an organization which has been working in the electronics industry for the last 83 years and has developed itself into the 10th largest IT Company in the world. The HVAC components and systems of the company are sold under the name Fujitsu general. The technological advancements in the air conditioning and related systems have made them more efficient and optimal in their operations. In the electronics department, Fujitsu has developed several types of air conditioners, and all of them can be installed in your home through various methods. However, the refrigerated cooling otherwise known as ducted air conditioning systems are the most reputed and popular mode of getting relief from the heat in summers as well as getting relief from cold winters with both cool and warm air distributed from the one system.

What is ducted refrigeration?

Ducted refrigeration is a system in which with the help of conduits or pipes which are installed in your home’s roof or under the floor are connected with a refrigeration unit. A ducted refrigerated unit is the same thing as a ducted air conditioning unit. The central unit collects hot air from your homes atmosphere, cools it down and then pushes it back through the vents. This whole process of cooling down the air is what you can call refrigeration. This refrigeration of air is done by the condenser which is inside the central unit.

The Fujitsu ducted air conditioning systems are also equipped with inverter technology and reverse cycle technology to create a far more efficient and economical air conditioning system, controlling the rotator speed to not over work it, leading to you saving money on running costs and also allow you to enjoy a seamless heating and cooling experience for the entire year without any interruptions.

Why choose Fujitsu ducted refrigeration?

A Fujitsu ducted refrigeration system is more durable, efficient, easy to maintain and easy to use system than other air conditioning systems. Multi-head systems involve extra installation of units for every zone you wish to target, an add-on cooling system is not exclusively manufactured rather it adds on to an existing gas ducted heating system. The split systems are also similar to multi-head systems; they are installed separately for every room or zone.

When compared to these systems the Fujitsu ducted system provides all the quality benefits from just a single unit which can cool down and heat up your whole home within a matter of minutes, providing the ultimate comfort, no matter what season it may be.

Benefits of a Fujitsu ducted air conditioning system:

1. 365 days of comfort:

The ducted refrigeration units can serve the dual purpose of heating and cooling the house. With them you can enjoy the bespoke environment inside your home regardless of the weather outside, during the summers it will facilitate cool air, and in winters the warm air is supplied. This means that through the same ducts you can get both warm and cool air.

2. Bacteria-free zones:

it is a known fact that the humid conditions calls for an infestation of bacteria, other air conditioners lead to increase in humidity, but the Fujitsu ducted system dehumidifies the air along with cooling it down. The dehumidification inhibits the allergies and bacteria growth and gives you a healthy and safe zone to sit and relax with your family.

3. Inverter Technology:

With the traditional heating and cooling units, you cannot control their rotator speed or fan speed because these systems do not have the inverter technology inculcated in their functioning. The main motive of the inverter technology is to control the rotator and fan speed with precision in turn leading to a more nuanced and optimal work routine of these components. All this is done to limit the power usage of the components.

4. Single control:

All the trips back and forth to your home from office leads to a mismatch between the temperature, this can harm the body as it has to adjust every time go someplace else. Within a house too every room is heated and cooled down differently with individual units, with the ducted refrigeration system the whole house will have a common temperature which will be under your control. This will remove any risk of body’s adjustment vulnerabilities to different temperatures.

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