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For a heating solution that warms your entire house without breaking the bank, Natural-Gas Ducted Heating is the clear choice. It’s safe to run, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and as the heating process doesn’t remove the moisture from the air it won’t cause dry skin or eyes. A gas powered Ducted Heating system is a single self-contained unit; natural gas is ignited in a safe, controlled chamber, which heats a series of tubes. A fan then pushes cool air over the tubes, warming it up, then pushes the warm air through ducts in the ceiling and out of ceiling- or floor-mounted vents. You can select a temperature using the interior wall-mounted control panel as well as selecting one or more rooms, or “zones”, to heat; this saves heating the entire house and further reduces the running costs.

Running Costs:

As the Ducted Gas Heating system is simple in operation, it’s running costs are based on the natural gas used and the power to run the fan and are rated as 4-, 5- and 6-star systems. On average, you can achieve a savings of up to 40% – 60% when compared to an equivalent Reverse-Cycle heating system. For a large 6-star system heating an entire house the cost to run ranges from $0.20 – $0.80* per hour, but if zoning is used that cost is reduced. Maintenance is basic and doesn’t need to be performed often, with most systems only requiring the filters and vents to be cleaned at 6-monthly intervals.

Unit Cost:

Given the wide range of house sizes and heating needs, there are many Ducted Gas Heating systems on the market sold by a range of companies. A smaller 3-star unit, designed to heat smaller houses, units or offices will generally set you back around $1,400* to purchase and install. As the size of the area to heat, number of ducts and energy star-rating increases, expect to pay more as a result. A 5- star system, ducted and installed, will typically cost close to $3,000*, however even the most complex 6-star energy rated system only costs around $3,500* fully installed.

Installation Cost:

As the Ducted Gas Heating system is less complex to install than an equivalent Reverse-Cycle system, the cost to install is less but still highly variable. Considerations when quoting installation include the mounting location of the heating unit, the number of ducts or floor vents required, if the house is single or double story, and if there is a pre-existing system to remove and dispose of. The best way to accurately estimate the total cost of the system and installation is to call us and arrange your free quote.

*cost may vary from household to household

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