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What is Gas Ducted Heating?

Gas Ducted Heating systems involve a heating unit which is connected to a network of ducts, which then flows air throughout your home via series of outlets. The outlets and ducts are evenly and strategically installed throughout the rooms within your home, usually found in the ceiling.

The location of the heating system is defined by the build of your house. If your Melbourne home is built above a concrete slab, it is installed within your roof. If your Melbourne home can provide spare spacing beneath, then the unit can be installed either outside your home or below the ground in the available space. All of the duct work, which joins the outlets in your rooms to the main heating system, are conveniently hidden out of sight.

Why choose gas ducted heating for your Melbourne home?

We can all see the energy prices continuing to rise in Melbourne, a gas ducted heating system not only provides a whole home heating solution for your home, but it also greatly cuts down the electricity used when heating your home when compared to a reverse cycle split system. Gas ducted heaters also provide a better overall level of performance and increased efficiency in comparison to other heating systems.

Benefits of a gas ducted heating system:

1. Zoning options:

Gas Ducted Heating provides the ultimate convenience of zoning, this is a great way to place the full focus of your heating system to the areas in your Melbourne home that are actually being used, or adjust the temperature per zone in accordance to the individual in there. This also saves you money in running costs due to the system not heating up any areas that aren’t being used.

2. Environmentally friendly:

Gas Ducted Heating is the environmentally friendly option in terms of whole home heating solutions. Gas Ducted Heating actually uses natural gas rather than coal-powdered energy. In the year 2000, the Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions uncovered that gas ducted heating created just one third of the greenhouse gas emissions when comparing to other electricity based heating solutions.

3. Effective and efficient:

With Gas Ducted Heating, you are able to feel your whole home start warming up in just a few minutes. Perfect for Melbourne’s winter months, a gas ducted heating system will keep your home comfortable no matter how cold the weather gets outdoors. The great level of energy efficiency paired with the effectiveness of a gas ducted heating system provides you with the best of both worlds.

4. Whole home solution:

When comparing to other heating systems (e.g. reverse cycle split system), a gas ducted heating system is a whole home cooling solution which provides the benefit of pushing warm air through vents situated in every room of your home. With a gas ducted heating system, you can feel confident in knowing every inch of your Melbourne home will stay warm and comfortable through the winter months.

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