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History of Mitsubishi Electric

Originating in 1905, Mitsubishi Electric first began operating in a shipping yard of Kobe, producing energy based materials and equipment for ships and other mining operations. Fast forward to now, over 100 years later and it is evident that Mitsubishi Electric has since established itself as a global leader within the manufacturing and selling of electrical products relevant to a wide range of industries, including home appliances, with multiple applications. The continuous goal of Mitsubishi Electric is to keep on innovating and discovering new methods and technologies which will benefit modern daily life worldwide.

What is ducted refrigeration?

A ducted air conditioning system is the exact same thing as a ducted refrigeration system, they are just two names which have been assigned to the same system. Traditional air conditioners and heaters used to be installed separately in buildings, targeting a small area or room at a time, where people used to interchange between heating and cooling systems depending on the temperature outdoors. The beauty of refrigeration technology is that it has enabled people to solve both purposes from the same machine, in the air conditioning or refrigeration the condenser can cool down or warm up the air before distributing it in the house through the ducts, and can target your whole home at once. The Mitsubishi electric ducted air conditioning system has presented itself as the most trustworthy partner for Australians providing a solid 365 days of comfort year on year, irrespective of any extreme weather which may arise.

Ducted refrigeration systems gains the term refrigeration because of the condenser unit installed in the central unit. This unit is backed with the same technology which is used in normal refrigerators that cool down the temperature below room temperature. The air which is sucked in through the unit goes under condensation before being pushed through the conduits, essentially recycling the air within your home. The longer a ducted air conditioning system is running, the more effective it becomes.

Why choose Mitsubishi Electric ducted refrigeration?

Mistubishi electric ducted air conditioning systems is renowned for their durable, reliable, quiet, energy efficient and of course proven performing functionality designed specifically for the extreme weather conditions which frequently arise in Australia. Because they are developed in order to provide dual functions of heating and cooling, a mistubishi ducted refrigeration system can be used any time throughout the year to provide ultimate comfort, taking your home’s luxurious feel to the next level.

Benefits of a Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning system:

1. Perfect for both large and small areas:

Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning system are suitable for both large and small houses and buildings. Your home or buildings area is first taken into account when determining which specific ducted air conditioning model will beat suit your individual home requirements.

2. Quiet operation:

A key benefit of the ducted refrigeration system is that it is quiet and keeps a calm environment for the residents of the house. With the system conveniently concealed, you can enjoy the clean and clear, cool breeze combined with an undisturbed area from any operational noises.

3. Centralized control panels:

With every Mitsubishi ducted system there are centralized and digital control panels. These panels allow you to operate the whole unit with ease and are centrally located in the area of choice within your home. Along with the centralized control panel, every room has a different control unit which allows each individual to set their own desired temperature for each different zone.

4. Stabalised power:

Mitsubishi ducted refrigeration units involve the use of modern inverter technology, this helps the unit optimize the rotator fan functioning system which is beneficial for the overall performance of the unit, controlling the output, helping to not overwork the system. This technology helps control the compressor functions and provides an extra punch to the heating and cooling system.

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