Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioners

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What is a Multi-Head Split System?

A Multi-head split system is one of the systems that can target multiple rooms keeping you in control of each rooms temperature. A multi-head is basically multiple split system units connected to the one big outdoor unit.

A multi head can be extremely effective if the rooms you aim to target are quite a distance apart from each other. E.g. Imagine there are three rooms on the second storey of your home you wish to control the temperature of, and one room downstairs that is not situated close to the upstairs rooms. Instead of having to install four outdoor units each linked to one of the four indoor units, this allows a more powerful outdoor unit to handle multiple indoor units, saving you valuable space in your backyard. Above all a multi-head system can serve the dual purpose of heating the area during winter months and cooling it down in summer months, making your home comfortable all year round.

Why choose a multi-head system?

Among various air conditioning systems, the Multi-head air conditioner is better than others because it entails minimum installation and maintenance works, especially if your home doesn’t currently have ducts installed for a ducted system. Along with this another system like the single split air conditioning system is not as practical for multiple rooms, you would need an individual outdoor unit for every indoor unit. The multi-head system, however can handle multiple indoor units from the single outdoor unit.

Benefits of a multi-head system:

1. One condenser for multiple units:

A multi-head split system needs only one outdoor unit for up to 9 indoor units, the ventilation system of all the indoor units are connected with the single unit which is placed in the balcony of the floor. The single outdoor units are designed to work efficiently and maintain stable temperature.

2. Low-cost service and easy maintenance:

Because there’s only one outdoor unit in this system, the service cost of cleaning the rotators and fans is minimal. The indoor units only need to be serviced once a year. Another beneficial factor is that the minimal amount of work to continue maintaining the dual head split system air conditioner, equals savings in your pocket.

3. Easy installation:

With different units for multiple rooms, multi-head split system installation is easy and convenient for everybody. You don’t need to install ducted in your ceiling, and you save valuable space in your backyard with only one outdoor unit.

4. Modern sleek design:

Because a multi-head split system entails of multiple indoor split systems, you can have the home feeling comfortable while keeping it stylish at the same time, with the latest modern styled split system designs.

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