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History of Panasonic

Panasonic set up shop a century ago, 1918,  in Osaka, Japan. Panasonic was first known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. and began manufacturing light bulb sockets. Today Panasonic has become a homegrown brand with homes worldwide owning a product designed and developed by Panasonic. In all these years of operations, Panasonic has spread their wings in various industries ranging from automotive to avionics and mobile communications. But they are world renowned today only because of their electronic appliances which are known for their quality, efficient working, and durability. Panasonic has ventured into the production of various home appliances like televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Their air conditioning units span into various subtypes such as; split systems, multi head split systems and ducted refrigeration, otherwise known as ducted air conditioning.

What is Ducted Refrigeration?

The Panasonic ducted air conditioning system can also be called a Panasonic ducted refrigeration system. Ducted refrigeration is a air conditioning system that provides a whole home heating and cooling solution through the ducts in your ceiling, both warm and cold air is supplied to all the areas, the cooling down process is called refrigeration. Just like normal refrigerators the air conditioners also have refrigeration components called the condenser. This condenser following the condensation principle reduces or raises the temperature of the air to the desired level, and the fan in the unit sends that tempered air through the ducts to all the rooms.

The network of these ducts depends from house to house, but the purpose of all these conduits is same, and that is to connect every zone with the central refrigeration unit. The modern Panasonic ducted air conditioning units are manufactured with precision technology which allows lower operational costs and provides a higher level of performance.

Why choose Panasonic ducted refrigeration?

There are other options available to serve the cooling purpose, all these systems are not as efficient and don’t perform as effective as a ducted refrigeration unit. Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems are installed in a concealed environment making them unobstructed to any daily routines and out of the way. This system has been designed for easy installation and to provide the ultimate comfort year on year for your family home throughout all seasons with its dual heating and cooling benefits.

Benefits of a Panasonic ducted air conditioning system:

1. Long run efficiency:

When considering the specifications included in the design of every Panasonic ducted air conditioning unit, it is evident that due to the advanced technology, a properly fitted Panasonic ducted refrigerated system has a long run efficiency because it is made specifically for the size of your home. Keeping you comfortable all year long with a smooth and even flow of air.

2. Out of sight:

When decorating your home, do you want to worry about working around a big bulky indoor unit? With a Panasonic ducted refrigerated system, all of your heating and cooling will be distributed through the ducts which are conveniently concealed in your ceiling and pushed through the vents located in your rooms. This keeps your homes aesthetic feel without worrying about any obstructions.

3. Comfort all year:

Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems are some of the highest quality air conditioning systems available on the market today. Because this system provides both heating and cooling solutions for your whole home, you can feel comfortable in knowing that your home will be taken care of all 365 days in the year, even if there is extreme weather conditions.

4. Low cost, high performance:

Modern Panasonic ducted air conditioning units are designed to include innovative technologies like reverse cycle technology and inverter technology. These technologies help improve the optimal performance of the whole Panasonic ducted air conditioning system and because it regulated the rotator speed you also save on running costs.

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