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History of Samsung

Samsung developed itself as a company in 1938, founded by Lee Byung-Chull the organization saw many ups and downs during its tenure of 31 years as a non-electronics manufacturing company. In 1969, Samsung ventured into producing electronics after partnering with Sanyo. Since then Samsung has become one of the biggest corporations in South Korea and has established its brand name as one of the most trusted brands in the entire world. From split system air conditioners to aeroplanes, Samsung goes through the whole design and manufacturing process, start to finish. This is just one of the reasons why a Samsung ducted refrigeration air conditioning system is one of the best quality air conditioning systems money can buy.

What is Ducted Refrigeration?

Ducted Refrigeration Systems serve the dual purpose of heating and cooling, to support your whole home. A ducted refrigeration system is known to be a comprehensive heating and cooling solution for all types of homes, and the Samsung ducted refrigeration range are some of the best ducted refrigeration systems available on the market.

Ducted Refrigeration Systems follow the mechanism of the reverse cycle, which means that unlike other systems it does not expel the hot air outside your home, instead the hot air is rotated through a cooling or heating cycle and distributed back into your home. The beauty of a ducted refrigeration system is that you can use this system to keep your homes climate comfortable all year round, regardless of the weather outside.

Why choose Samsung ducted refrigeration?

The products made by Samsung are revered as durable and efficient products. Along with the Samsung ducted refrigerated systems, there are systems which offer a similar solution such as multi-head systems and other various split system options. None of the mentioned systems match the effectiveness of a ducted refrigeration system.

The multi-head and split system options involve more regular servicing and maintenance, adding up costs and parting you from your hard earned dollars. Split system air conditioners are mainly suited for smaller areas as they can only provide their heating and cooling solution to one room at a time, a multi-head can tackle your whole home but like a split system can only target one room at a time because indoor units are installed in multiple rooms of your home. With a ducted refrigerated system, your whole home has the heating and cooling covered for all seasons of the year without bulky split systems located in each room.

Benefits of a Samsung ducted air conditioning system:

1. Quietness:

When comparing ducted refrigeration to other air conditioning systems, you can notice that a ducted air conditioning system is relatively quiet and will not disturb your tranquility. Its discrete and concealed location makes it suitable for your home environment, keeping the system out of sight.

2. Whole home solution:

When considering air conditioning options, do you want only a single room to be targeted or would you prefer having the warm or cool air flowing through your entire home? A Samsung ducted refrigerated system provides an even blanket of air throughout your whole home, ensuring every little corner is the same temperature.

3. Inverter Technology:

Inverter technology provides a precise mechanism controlling compressor rotation. In conventional heating and cooling systems compressors suck air from outside leading to extra rotations, and extra costs. With an inner circulation of air, extra work of the motor is reduced. This saves you money and creates a more durable system.

4. Total comfort all year:

A ducted refrigerated system provides the best of both worlds, that being said, it can prove to be useful in summer or winter due to its dual heating and cooling functions. When the weather is hot, simply turn down the temperature, and when the weather is cold then all you need to do is turn the temperature up.

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