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History of Toshiba

Toshiba corporation founded in 1875, has imprinted its name of many products in the air conditioning industry which can be claimed as a world first. The Toshiba group is divided into four major groups; digital products, electronic devices, home appliances, and social infrastructure. Among all four of the industries Toshiba is tackling, the home appliances segment is the most popular of them all with the products made by Toshiba establishing themselves as well known for their quality and durability, generating trust from customers towards Toshiba’s products.

What is Ducted Refrigeration?

A ducted refrigeration system can be used in any sized  home, or building. Ducted refrigeration is currently the number 1 air conditioning system available, with both heating and cooling features supported, this is a whole home air conditioning solution that is unmatched by any other system on the market.

Basically, a ducted refrigeration system is a single unit is placed in your home usually placed within your ceiling, the unit is then connected to a system of ducts and conduits which are positioned throughout your home’s roof. The ducts allow the warm and cool air to travel through, until eventually passing through the vents located in each room of your home to provide an even flow of air set to your desired temperature.

Why choose Toshiba ducted refrigeration?

A Ducted Refrigeration system can provide both cool and warm air from the single unit unlike many other systems, which establishes this system as one of the best for a year round whole home heating and cooling solution, beating any weather outdoors and keeping you comfortable. Unlike other systems, the ducted refrigeration systems are barely noticeable, this is mainly due to the ducted feature being installed within your ceiling, keeping the aesthetic feel of your home unaffected by a bulky indoor unit. This dual heating and cooling system is also much more effective than other systems, with the beginning of the heating or cooling to affect your home in just a couple minutes!

Benefits of a Toshiba ducted air conditioning system:

1. Zoning options:

Don’t heat up or cool down rooms you aren’t using, this will waste electricity and increase your bill without giving you any added benefits. Instead, harness a Toshiba ducted air conditioning systems potential with the zoning technology. This way you are able to target each and every room you are using, and save money on electricity by de-selecting any rooms that are unattended.

2. Whole home solution:

When you compare Ducted Refrigeration to other systems like split systems, you may find these alternative heating and cooling systems only target one room at a time. The benefit of installing a ducted refrigerated system in your home is that it targets each and every room within your house at once. This keeps you confident your home will be comfortable all year, without worrying about outdoor weather.

3. Inverter Technology:

A regular ducted air conditioning system without inverter technology becomes vulnerable to climatic extremities. The compressor and the other components are prone to unpredictable weather conditions outside, but with inverter technology, it allows for seamless control of the compressor and the rotators ultimately giving you the best heating and cooling experience available.

4. Dual Purpose:

This benefit of the Toshiba ducted air conditioning system must seem obvious. The dual heating and cooling functions of this refrigeration system can rid your home of all the disturbing elements which are brought upon by unpredictable weather. Heating your home in winter and cooling your home in summer, a ducted refrigeration system provides the ultimate comfort to your household.

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